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The Next Chapter, Not a New Book
3/11/2020All Day

Published by: jtonge


 Red River Theatres
11 S Main St # L1,
Concord, NH 03301


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The Next Chapter, Not a New Book
Your Residents’ Sexual Health & Sexual Orientation

When a resident crosses the threshold of their new home in a long-term care facility, they are not becoming a new person, they are simply continuing their life journey at a new address.  This program will discuss the continuity of your residents’ personal lives, considering their sexual health, and sexual orientation.

 Granny’s Got her Groove On: Sex and Aging on the Road Less Traveled

Presenter: Marilyn R. Gugliucci, MA , PhD

Intimacy and sex have origins in social, emotional, spiritual and physical realms. We need more than “correct” language or prescribed behaviors to develop knowledge, understanding, and care for older adults. Tenets that guide our interactions are often entrenched in past societal mores warranting fresh perspectives for change and progress regarding intimacy and sexual satisfaction in later life. This presentation will guide you along the path of aging, sexuality, and individuality ending in a romp about the need for satisfaction in love, intimacy and possibly sex as one ages.

Presentation Objectives:

  1. Contribute to the Reframe Aging Movement through mindfulness of words that apply to aging, older adults and sex
  2. Broaden perspectives of intimacy beyond societal mores to include a variety of physical and emotional options.
  3. Have fun!

A Walk on the Legal Side
Presenter: Jason Gregoire, Attorney—Sheehan Phinney

Jason will focus on the delicate balance between preserving resident rights to engage in sexual expression and sexual conduct with long term care facilities’ need to insulate themselves from liability for claims of negligence and discrimination.  Jason will review the NH Patients’ Bill of Rights, and applicable laws governing consent, abuse/neglect, capacity and decision-making.  Jason will discuss the role of family, resident, and facility in these matters.  He will also analyze scenarios from around the country where these complex issues have arisen, and discuss potential policies and procedures and staff training that can be implemented to minimize risk and set clear expectations and ground rules.

 Gen Silent Screening & Discussion
Discussion Facilitator: Dr. Kristen Porter

It’s movie time!  Gen Silent is a critically acclaimed documentary about LGBT older adults.  The screening will be accompanied by a brief pre- and post- survey as part of a NH AHA project.  The film will be followed by a post-screening discussion lead by gerontologist and LGBT aging expert, Dr. Kristen Porter.


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